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Project Professional 2016 Promo Code – Stay Professional With Your Project Outcomes

Microsoft Office Project Professional 2016 is new project management software that will help the latest generation to build up their projects in the best way. So now you can easily collaborate with others to easily start and deliver winning projects. You can buy the product online and download it from here so that you can get relieved from the physical strain. This gets compatible with Windows 7 or later and all languages are included here. From here you will be happy to receive the Microsoft Office Project Professional 2016 Promo code to keep your projects stay organized in the best budget lines. For this you have to do a few simple steps and the final project package co0mes to your system within your budget lines. You have to use their Microsoft promo codes during the check out process. The final discount price gets added automatically to the package. So now it’s a very easy task to keep your projects well organized and stay on track.

You can keep your projects on track very easily by buying the Microsoft Project Professional 2016 which helps you to easily plan projects and collaborate with others by the virtual mode from anywhere. You can easily stay organized and keep all your projects on track with the only project management system that is designed to work seamlessly with other Microsoft applications and cloud services. Project Professional 2016 can be used as a standalone product or can be connected to a server. The new Project Professional 2016 includes a Project Server Client Access License (CAL).

project professional 2016 promo code

Project Professional 2016

Offer Price:$1,159.99

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  • Collaborate with others to easily start and deliver winning projects
  • For 1 PC

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 helps you easily plan projects and collaborate with others from virtually anywhere. Stay organized and keep your projects on track with the only project management system designed to work seamlessly with other Microsoft applications and cloud services. Project Professional 2016 can be used as a standalone product or can be connected to a server. Project Professional 2016 includes a Project Server Client Access License (CAL).

project standard 2016 promo code

Project Standard 2016

Offer Price: $589.99

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  • Get started quickly and deliver winning projects
  • For 1 PC

Keep projects organized and on track with Project Standard 2016. Take advantage of flexible features that help you get started and make you more efficient and productive. Easily create modern reports to measure progress and communicate project details effectively with your team and stakeholders.


The requirements that are necessary to be there in your system or device in order to support the Microsoft Office Project Professional 2016 are as listed below:

  • Required Processor: 1 GHz or faster x86 or x64 bit processor with SSE2.
  • Required Operating System: Windows 7 or later or Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012
  • Required Memory: 1 GB RAM for a 32 bit processor system and 2 GB RAM for a 64 bit processor based system.
  • Required Hard Disk Space: 3.0 GB available disk space.
  • Required Display: 1280 X 800 resolution
  • Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires a Direct X 10 graphics card.
  • Multi Touch: A touch enabled device is required in order to use any multi touch functionality. However, all features and functionality are always available by using a key board, mouse or other standard or accessible input device. Note that the new touch features are optimized for use with Windows 8 or later.
  • Additional System Requirements: Internet functionality requires an internet connection.

Stays informed and get to know more about their product package in a better way from the reviews and ratings that are delivered and posted by the customers who have already taken a great step by opting for this product. You can even talk to their experts who are available all the time for resolving the issues of their precious customers. They will be the entire time ready to help their customers in the best way in all possible conditions. Their new Project 2016 release includes significant updates to their Project professional, project pro for Office 365 and Project Online. Their new Project 2016 will deliver on some of the most requested capabilities like Resource Management and Resource Capacity Planning. Supporting these key capabilities are enhancements such as new Resource Engagements which is a new brand experience for resource managers and Capacity heat maps. This package will now provide an end to end experience for managing and optimizing the customer’s resource utilization. In addition to the resource management there are also a host of improvements and new features that are helpful to you to be more productive with Project, such as improved time lines as well as with Tell Me integration and full support for Office Add-ins.

Resource Engagements:

There are many major challenges that are faced by the present day project managers. These challenges include securing resources to ensure that your project is properly staffed. With this new package that is designed by Microsoft now this challenge can easily be sorted out as this makes it now possible to systematically request a resource and after the approval you can lock that resource to guarantee its availability. Creating an engagement and submitting it for approval sets off a simple work flow that will enable the resource manager to approve or reject the request. The project manager will always have an up to date view of status of their requests from within Project Professional 2016 Promo Code or Project Pro for Office 365 promo code. Once a locked resource is assigned to a project for duration of time, mangers of other projects will be notified if they try to over look a resource.

Experience With the Resource Manager:

The resource manager which is also known as a line manager is a people manager who may not want to use the full project client. This will allow the resource manager to collaborate with the project manager. Project Manager will provide their customers with an area for the resource manager to view and approve or reject all proposed resource contracts. In addition to all these things you will even get the new resource views which will allow the manger to understand the capacity utilization of their resources at a quick glance.

Resource Capacity Heat Maps:

They always give the highest priority to their esteemed customers. They ensure that the resources that they give to their customers are well utilized and productivity is the key strategy that is needed for any company. So they have come up with Project 2016 which has the capacity heat maps and a brand new set of intuitive reports to enable at a glance visualization of resource utilization. Both under and over utilization of resources can be problematic and both can be seen quickly with their new heat map. So keep in touch with the heat maps to know more about them.


Communicating the project schedule is a critical part of any project manager’s job. Of course, for many of the audiences a Gantt chart is not the best way to visualize the schedule. More than ever, a time line is the best way to communicate how a project’s life cycle lays out. But Microsoft project standard 2016 promo code gives us the option to view the data in charts. But keeping this in the mind, they have overhauled the Timeline feature to include multiple timelines, each with a different start and end dates. This represents a user defined set of tasks and milestones. There are several new features in their new timeline visualization that includes:

  • Independent start and end dates for each timeline.
  • Drag and drop between different timelines
  • Save to Power Point with editable objects.

Tell Me:

Though there is many features that are included within this Project 2016, this could be even greater if you can ask where a certain feature is actually located. If you don’t have this component then you would be ending up your precious time in groping for the component that is essential. So with this Tell Me component you can do that. This is better yet, the answer that Tell Me provides is a live button, so you just have to click the answer and it will do as you ask. Thus this has become a great time saver.

Read / Write Office Add-ins:

They have got a new feature under the name of Office Add-ins. These are the extensions through which you can download from the Office store that add functionality to the project. This means that the Microsoft and its partners can continuously and easily deliver new features so that you can customize Project as per your taste and requirements. With this new Office Project 2016, Office add-ins now have full read or write access to the project that you are working on by providing it with richer extensions that that has ever been possible with their previous version Office tools.


The new Project 2016 is immediately available through the online mode as part of Office 365. They have got a new service side features such as capacity heat maps, that are being rolled out into Project Pro for Office 365 and Project Online right now. When you will choose to activate these features then they will automatically upgrade all of your existing resource plans to engagements. Their new resource management features are now available to on premises customers in the spring of 2016 when the Project Server 2016 promo code is to be released.

So just enjoy your new project by sitting comfortably at home and opting for the best place like here to buy your package right now.