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Are you interested in reading books? Are you a technology lover also? Then I think you may be in need of the book that is both technically sound and containing all the current technology information. If you are looking for a book which has all these features then you have stepped on to the right site. Get here to know about the latest publications from Microsoft Press. It is a publishing arm for the Microsoft Corporation. It will usually release books that deal with various current Microsoft technologies. All books are a really great combination of literature as well as the current technologies that make up the new innovations of Microsoft products.

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First Press Releases:

Microsoft has first introduced books like The Apple Macintosh book by Cary Lu and Exploring the IBM PC by Peter Norton. There are many other recognizable authors in their list like Charles Petzold, Steve McConnell, Mark Russinovich and Jeffrey Richter. They distribute their titles through Pearson.

Shopping Made Easy:

At their store shopping is made easy and structured so that you can get the books that are wishing for based on their modeled list of categories. The categories that are included in their shopping list are:

  • Shop By Topics: This category included the list of the press books that are mainly searched based on their topic. These topics can be related to the hardware or software platforms of their products.
  • Shop By Series: According to the series you can buy the books from this category.
  • Shop by Authors: Authors who are of great influence among the readers can be directly bought from here.
  • Specials: All special and latest editions come under this corner.
  • More: This corner makes you get to know about the remaining things of this press.

Shop By Topics:

Now you can shop according to topics from this section. It can be your Windows, Microsoft Office, Servers, Programming, Certification and Training. Any topic that you search you can get the perfect book in this regard. Every book has its own special impact on the reader. You can check for a sample on the site before you actually take an informed decision.

Shop by Series:

Shop by series is a corner from where you can get the most famous books that are known in its series levels like Admin companion, Best practices developer, Best practices IT pro, Business skills, Developer reference, Exam Ref, Inside out, MOS study guide, Plain & Simple, Pocket Consultant, Step by Step, Step by Step for developers, Training Guide, Training kit and also you can directly go for the option of All Series so as to know what are present in this series corner shopping.

Shop By Authors:

Some readers are mainly attached to some specific authors. They may not be looking out for the book names or any other things. They would directly go in search for the authors books. In that case the better option would be to go for Shop by Authors corner. Here you can get the books based on the authors names like: Jose M Aguilar, Brian Alderman, Christa Anderson, Cliff Atkinson, Haishi Bai, Joli Ballew, Javier Barrera, William Bartholomew, Blain Barton, Joy Beatty, Chris Beckett, Itzik Ben Gan, Vittorio Bertocci, Andrew Bettany, Bonnie Biafore, Vanni Boncinelli, Brad Bosak, Ed Bott, Jim Boyce, Eric D. Boyd, Shannon Bray, Eric Brechner, Roberto Brunetti, John Bruno, Andrew Burst and many others.


Everyday a special deal may wait for you in this corner in the form of a free shipping or else as a after you buy an e-book you can get 3 formats: PDF, EPUB and MOBI that can be used on your computer, tablet and mobile devices. You may even have of luck of saving more than 90% on the e-book when you purchase it as a print book. They may also give you a deal like saving up to 60% on weekly e-book deals. Specials may end soon so grab them as soon as possible. Whenever you miss them you will be so sad to view the best offer miss from your hand so unfortunately. So don’t get into that upset mode and stay connected all the time in order to get the best deal for the book that is your all time favorite and special.


More – the word itself says about it. From this section you can get to know about them either by their About section. There is also an affiliate program through which you can find some amazing things for your near and dear ones. You can even contact them from here regarding any queries or issues. Get to know about their sales and distribution details from a special sub section from here that is customized for that. You can even go to their E Reference Library from where you can get to know some exclusive things in order to take an informed decision. There is even a special section of Guided tours app for their esteemed customers here. Newsletter is one more place from where you can get to know about the latest changes in their publishing world all about their books. You can even register your book here very easily. Sample chapters are also available here so that you can go for the review in order to get to know about the book. Once you feel that the sample chapters are completely apt and matches with your search then go for ordering that book immediately. Their support team is always there to assist you at any instance. They will help in whatever situation you are so that you can use their products and books usage in a best way according to your requirement. You can even write for them if you feel like doing so.

Aren’t all these more than enough to make up our mind to get the best books from here? Then what are you still waiting for. Go and get their books as soon as possible or else you may miss the best books from the press store.

Best Value:

This press store gives you the best value for your money. Whatever book that you choose from here will come for the best price from here. Along with the present discounts you can also have the additional discount by choosing the coupons that comes under the name of promotional codes. These codes should be used before they get expired. Once the expiry limit exceeds then your coupon is not valid any more. So don’t forget to keep a track of your promotional codes. Use them before they get expired. During the check out process once the option to enter the promotional code comes on the screen then does input your coupon code. Then the additional discount gets added to the final amount while the payment process further proceeds.

Some of their best loving books which are on great sale rate are as mentioned below:

  • Windows 10 Step by Step
  • Inside Out Windows 10
  • Plain & Simple Windows 10
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 Step by Step
  • Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step
  • The Definite Guide to DAX: Business Intelligence with Microsoft Excel, SQL, Server Analysis Services, and Power BI
  • Step by Step Windows Power Shell
  • Microsoft Public Cloud Services Setting up your business in the Cloud
  • Configuring Windows Devices
  • Enabling Office 365 Services
  • Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Training Kit

When you choose a book then you can get many details about the book like about description of that book, sample content, companion content, Errata and updates. You will even come to know about different price ranges from normal book price, e-book price and book plus e-book price. So with all these details now you can easily shop for your favorite books based on the requirement in how you would want the put the rate for it. They are always there with their customers in order to give them the support to innovate, create and get new things done in simpler way.

What else is still required for you now to do is to order the books immediately to get the innovation get a kick start. All this can be done by a simple tap on the site from here. Just order the books online from here and within no time the order will be dispatched to your door step very soon. After getting the order also if you are disappointed by the order due to some defect or damage to the product then you can go for their easy exchange and returns policy. It is simpler to use it than to tell more about that. So start ordering now and let your innovation wings rise up high. Happy shopping!!!