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Database management system is a big task for present day’s huge data. Right now in scroll there are many new platforms of data like Big Data and the management of all these databases need extra care and higher end technology. Huge amounts of database management can be done by using the Microsoft Office Access 2016. Now you can get the Microsoft Office Access for the best discount price from here by applying the coupon code that comes from here under the name of Microsoft Office Access 2016 Promo code. This is a DBMS from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software development tools. This is a member that is included in the Microsoft Office suite. This can be bought from the Professional and higher editions or separately sold. Microsoft Office Access 2016 promo code is an added advantage for the customers to get the Access pack for very less cost.

access 2016 promo code

Access 2016

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Easily create database apps, Access is now much more than a way to create desktop databases. It’s an easy-to-use tool for quickly creating browser-based database applications that help you run your business. Your data is automatically stored in a SQL database, so it’s more secure and scalable than ever, and you can easily share your applications with colleagues.

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It can store data on its own format based on the Access Jet Database Engine. Users can now directly import or link to the data stored in other applications and databases. Software developers and data architects have a special corner here. They can use Microsoft Access to develop application software, and power users can use it to build software applications. This tool is supported by Visual Basic for Applications. VBA is an object oriented programming language that can reference a variety of objects including Data Access Objects, Active X Data Objects and many other Active X components. These visual objects that are used in the forms and reports can be used to expose their methods and properties in the VBA programming environment. These VBA code modules can declare and may even call Windows operating system functions.

Microsoft Office Access 2016 promo code:

The all new Microsoft Office Access 2016 has got all the functionality and features that are used by the customers previously as well as some added enhancements and the best new features from Office 2016. Some of the top new features that are included in Access 2016 are furnished below for your reference:

  • Upgrading from Access 2013
  • Tell Me – Do Things Quickly
  • New Themes
  • Export Linked Data Source Information To Excel
  • Templates With a Modern Look & Feel
  • Large Show Table Dialog
  • Web App Features

Upgrading From Access 2013:

Now it is very easy to upgrade your present Access 2013 to Access 2016 by the packages available from here. When you are upgrading from Access 2013 to the newest version then you will still have all the features that you are used to. Along with the previous features some extra new and important features get added to the existing package of your Microsoft Access. The major and the primary thing that you can notice when you open Access 2016 is that it has the familiar look of 2013 with a extra colorful and attractive border.

Tell Me – Do Things Quickly:

This is an extra new and exciting feature which will do the things very quickly for you. Customers can now easily notice a text box on the ribbon in the latest version of Access that says Tell Me What You Want To Do. This is a text field from where customers can enter words and phrases related to what they want to do next and quickly get to the features that they want to use or actions that customers would like to perform. Customers can now also choose to get help related to what you are looking for. To find out this amazingly working button you can directly click inside the Tell Me Box. This is the box that is present at the top of with the light bulb. You just need to type a button or command like “filter”, and you will see your entire filter related options listed for you. This Tell Me box is not available in the ribbon when designing Access web apps.

New Themes:

Presently they have released their new version with two new Office themes with which you can apply to the Access program. It can be both Colorful and White. In order to access these themes we need to go to File > Options > General. Finally you can click on the drop down menu which is next to the Office Theme.

Export Linked Data Source Information To Excel:

Did you ever wish to get a nice list of all the linked data sources from your Access database application into Excel? Suppose that you are now working on with a complex Access application, which may include links to many different data sources then it will be very helpful to have a nice list of all the various data sources and their data types. The list which is exported so can be especially helpful if you are working on an Access application that you did not originally design. So now with Access 2016, you will find this task much easier using new functionality that is built into the Linked Table Manager dialog.

First you need to open the Linked Table Manager dialog by clicking the External Data > Linked Table Manager. Select the linked data sources that you want to list and then click on Export to Excel. This tool prompts customer for a location to save the Excel Workbook. After the customer will provide a save location, Access displays the linked data sources information in the new workbook. You will see name of the linked data source, its source information and the data source type. You can find Microsoft office excel 2016 promo code or deal at microsoftstore, so make use of it to get the optimum use of excel.

Templates With A Modern Look & Feel:

If you would like to organize and manage your data with this tool then you may be in need of some additional help in order to get started with the tool for designing the database. You can try using a desktop database template. In Access 2016, customers can get five of the most popular database templates that have been redesigned to have a more modern look and feel. To try these templates out yourself you can directly go to File > New and then search for any of these in the list below:

  • Desktop assets
  • Desktop contacts
  • Desktop events
  • Desktop students
  • Desktop tasks

Each of these templates includes a new getting started form with the links to articles, videos and other community resources. Now get to know more about these new look of templates by using a template to create an Access desktop database.

Large Show Table Dialog:

They give the first priority to their customers. They always listen to their customers first. In the same way they have listened to customer feedback about the Show Table dialog. In the newest version the default height of the Show Table Dialog has been increased so that you can easily see more table and query names in your databases. In order to view the Show Table Dialog in queries you can directly click on Create > Query Design. Then the Show Table dialog box opens by default. Customers can also open this dialog in queries by just clicking on Design > Show table. To view the Show Table dialog in the relationships window just click Database tools > Relationships. Then the Show Table dialog opens by default. You can also open this dialog in the Relationship window by clicking Design > Show Table.

Web App Features:

Now Access web app features coming to Share Point on premise customers. Now with the upcoming release of Share Point 2016, customers use Share Point 2016 with Access Services within their organizations will see additional features and can take advantage of service improvements. Here below you can find a list of Access web app features in Access services coming for Share Point 2016:

  • Cascading controls
  • Data sheet filter improvements
  • Related item control enhancements
  • Image storage and performance improvements
  • Office Add ins integration with Access web apps
  • Additional packaging and upgrade functionality for Access web app packages.
  • On deploy macro action for upgrade scenarios
  • Lock tables from editing functionality
  • Download in Excel feature for datasheet views

From here now you can easily buy and download this entire suite just with a single click. It gets compatible with your devices and systems that run with Windows 7 or later and all the languages are included in this. With this now it is very easy to customize your database applications. This is now a much easier way to create your own perfect database. This is an easy to use tool for quickly creating and browsing database applications that will help you to run your business perfectly and in an organized way. All your data now gets easily stored in a SQL database. Hence it is very secure and scalable than ever and you can easily share your applications with others. So get the Access for your perfect database now from here.